Jumat, 14 April 2017

Halo friends ☺😊....
This moment i want to sharing about special ability or special skill.where, this here i interview some peopleb.That is Mr jasmen ,he is a bussinessman catfish.
      The corious about abusinessmen catfish????πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‹
   This here ,there were some questions i asked to him ,and i will just write it for you below.check it out!..

Din     :how long have you to become a                          businessmen's catfish?

Mr.jasmen  :to become a businessmen                                      catfish ,i have three year's.

Dina   :Whether you ever experience obstacle              in this businessmen,what is it?

Mrjasmen   :yes, i have obstacle.that is the                              high price of catfish consuption                          that fluktuatif(up and down).

Dina   :so,how you resolve the problem?

Mr.jasmen  :overcome that with away to                                estimate the time harvesting of                          catfish when the relatively high                          price.

Dina   :how your away to do it?

Mr.jasmen  :indeed how to do it quite                                     difficult especially for                                           beginners,but for businessmen                           that ecperienced that metter                               queit easy.the catfish usually                               harvested after approximately                           maintained at the level of                                     magnification for three                                         months.that for we must sell it                           when the price for catfish tends                         to rise.because demand will of                             watfish also rise.the example is                           when the month of                                                 fasting.spread the seeds on an                             enlargement of approximately                           three months before the month                           of fasting.

Dina   :so, what you are recommend for                       anyone who wants to start a business               catfish?

Mr.jasmen  :the first, read the book or article                        about the ins and outs of                                      catfish.second,do not be shy to                            frequently asked on cultivators                          that alredy experienced.third, do                        not be afraid to start a                                            business,because whitout the                              initial steps is not possible to                                achieve a goal.and then pray,                              because without prayer all                                  efforts will be futile and prayer                          without effort was a lie.

Umpteen e interview with one of businessmen and farmers catfish are quite experienced.Thank you😊😊☺☺

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

Hi friends meet again with me on tonight.
Friends,this nigt i will bit storytelling,how your live without education ?

In my opinion, if our live without education then our lives will continue just no knowledge that we can ,we don't have the insight and without education we can not writing,reading,math,and we not even recognize letters or numbers.

Education can transform our lives for the better,therefore let us keep the spirit and continue  to fight to change our lives for the better,with education we can future goals.therefore go for education and continue to pursue your dreams.
 Ok friends ,thank you i'll see you in my ne

Kamis, 23 Maret 2017

Group member

1.Dina yati sinaga   H1031161021
2.Angelita                  H1031161057
3.Nurkuna                 H1031161051

1.Robots will make our lives better in the  Future is when the robots do all our works,but robots can make our lives be worse when the robots do all our works and make as be lazy .

2.I'd like to see a robots  which can be my private driver.

1.gutes suggests that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computer have been.

2.first ,robots need a brain -a computer

3.they will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes.

1. C . Robots in the home

2. A. Robots will improve our lives in many           ways

1. A. All technology has done is to make                our lives busier and more dependet              on machines than ever.

* Airline  pilot
      We  don't agree if a robot becomes on           airline pilot because when the system           of robots have and error will deaden             many sifes.

* Cook
      We agree if a robot becomes on cook             because the robots will prepare and             serve a delicious  meals for us.

* Doctor
     We don't agree if a robot becomes on            cook because the robots never know            sure about our body condition.

* Police officer 
     We agree if a robot becomes on police          officer because the system of robots              more trained than human like we are.

* Singer
     We agree if a robot becomes on                       singer.because,when the robot                       sing,they     can entertain us and make         happy.

* Store clerk
     We agree if a robot becomes on store            clerk,because he robot can be like a              police when our store in dangerous.

* Taxi driver
     We agree if a robot becomes on taxi              driver,because we can go anywhere              without pay a lot of money.

* Teacher
      We agree if a robot becomes on                       teacher, because the robots can teach           our sisters or brothers when we are not       at home.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skill

  Hello guys... meet again this my posting this night☺☺  oh ya guys, how are you?hope every thing will be fine😊

     This here i will share and tell you a little about me, that is my skill. Friends definitely have the skill of each,right?
I'm sure you all must have skill,because God certainly give the skill to every human.

      So my skill is singing ,l'm very like to sing because singing is half  of express our feelings through the songs, although that was not my own creation  .but i never  performed escpecially if the singing self,
because  i lack of convidence.i  ever appear to sing but that is when chrismas event.
      And many people say , that i am reserve ,calm.but that is me,because i don't like commotion and i also not like to much speak.i better shut up and enjoy the music and songs that i hearing.because with iti feel better and happy.
So my skill is sing ,although to many people that not to know it.but , for a reach my skill to be that better again.i will keep on trying and trying.

Because without prayer and effort,what we want will never  be reached.
       Ok guysss... thanks for your visitation and see you in my posting later😊😊😊

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

  Definition of words

   Adopt verb(start using)
.to accept or start to ude somthing new

   Adopt verb(choose)
.to choose someone or something or take  
      Something as your own
.to start behaving in a prticular way,especially by choice.

.physical or mental activity needed to achieve something
.the result of an attempt to produce something ,aspecially when it's quality is low or uncertain.
#be an affart
   To be difficult,tiring,or boring to do.

.help or support
.help in the from of food,money,medical supplies or weapons that is given aricher country to poorer country
#in aid of sb/sth
.in order to collect money for a group of people who need it.

  Force noun(physical)
.physical,especially violent,strongth,or power

  In force
.in large numbers
.specialized in scientifk use,the influence that changes movement.

   Force noun (group)
.a group of people organized and trained,especially for aparticular purpose.

Noun:the job or series of jobs that you do    during your working use,especially if you  continue to get better jobs and earn mire  money.

Verb: to move fast and in a way that is out of  control.

Verb: to disagree with something or some one,often by speaking or fighting againt it,him or her.

Noun:  a system  of words letters or signs used to represent message in in secret from ,or a system of numbers ,letters or signals used to repsent something in a sharter or more conveniet form.

Verb:  to represent amessage in code so that it can only be understood by person who is meant to revaice it.

Adjective(before noun)
.possible when thebnecessary conditions exit.

.someone's or something's ability to develop,achieve,or succeed.

Noun:   (a feeling of) not being certain abaout something espscially about how good or tru it is.

Verb: to not feel certain or contident about something or to think that something is mot probable

.to help a customer by getting what someone needs or bu showing or selling goods,or to provide food or drinks to a customer or guest

.to serve is also to provide an are or group of people whit something that is needed.

Noun(hitting ball)
.the act of hitting the ball to the other player or team to start play.

    I and usability of Robot

Robot is mechanical  devices that made of machine moreover on today. Have many people that use robot to assist their work.the following are same questions about you and robot.

1.How many electronic devices have you      used in the past 24 hours? List them.
 (I used at least four electronics devices,they  are handphone,television,rice cooker,and  fan.

2.what activities do robots do today?what        other things would you like them to do?
 (today robots do clean the room,wash the  plate,arrange the garden.  I want them to    cooking the food is very    delicious to me.)

3.Are there certain things we should  always  do for ourselves?what?why?
(Yes there are.like doing the coursework,create reports,and sports.because it is very important  for us to train our brain,thoughts and our body's health because it all for our selves not for robots).

Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Hello readers,this here i will tell you about my selft and my reason why i chose to continue my studies to the level of university.

My name DINA YATI SINAGA i come from the city pematang siantar,Medan,North Sumatera.i come from a simple family, my parents are a farmer, but i never ashamed to have parents like them.they are extraordinary parents who never leave their children in distress or sadness ,they always be there when i am sad or happy and they have been caring far,educating and raising me, so that i could be like this now sit in a chair the lecture.

The reason why i continued my studies to the level of university.because of my own free will and the support of my parents,i had strong will to continue my studies ,so i could  make my parents happy because i will never be able to repay and their services to me.and i want to change life better again and i want to realize my dream.although my collage in untan ,this is a university that is very far from my home are,but i never feel fear although i have not family this here ,because i believe that the lord is whit me and prayer my parents is whit me every where i step.

I also feel also retrieval chemistry at the faculty of scince,because i want be a scientist or researcher can discover new things.and i hope i can go to the German,Japanes,Dutch and French in my studies ,whit all that i really hope to be happy my parents because i would never be able to repay  their kindness.
   Keep the SpiritπŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€