Senin, 19 Juni 2017

character education

God morning...

The honorable miss dini all my dear friends
 First of all, let’s praise and gratitude to God who has given His grace and favor so that we can all come together in this place in a healthy condition without any obstruction.

In this nice occasion let me talk about the importance of character education for Indonesian people especially teenagers.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Indonesia had been known as a civilized country since a long time ago, but in these few decades, this country gets many bad nicknames from the world community. One of them is the most corrupt country in the world. It makes our national pride in the eyes of the world becomes nothing. It is a basic concept that is applied to the thoughts of someone to make their physique, spiritual, and moral character become more meaningful. This character education should be given to a person’s mind from an early age, adolescents, and adults. So that we can form their characters become more valuable and immoral. By a good character education, we can expect no more children like to brawl, pornography, drugs, and others.

Considering the basic concepts of character education that make up personality, it should be integrated into the curriculum in schools. We can integrate these values into school subjects through the methods of habituation, praise, and sanctions. There are 18 items of character values that can be given in the school including the discipline and honesty. Discipline is the main thing in achieving success. Those are very difficult to apply in daily life. So, there must be someone who plays a role in instilling these values. In the schools, the educational process should not only limited to learning the values of knowledge but it must be more emphasized on moral values, ethics, and aesthetics which is applied in everyday life. To pursue those values, we need 3 supporting component, that is, the family, the teachers, and the community.
Ladies and Gentlemen

Parents should have sense of care toward education and directly involved in overseeing the growth of their children. It should be done in order for not making the parents become the factors that hinder the growth of their children. Beside parents, teachers also in charge to give the character education, they have to provide good examples for their students so that teachers can be used as role of good character. In giving character education to the teenager, we must certainly need extra patience because the result of character education cannot be seen directly but it requires a long process. Therefore, character education requires synergistic cooperation between the different parties to obtain good results. Takes for example parents educate their children at home, while teachers educate them in schools and then society educate them in a real life.
Ladies and Gentlemen

Let us together work actively to save this nation, especially for our young people who will be the nation’s next generation, from the degradation of moral. So that this nation can be equal with other developed nations.

So that is all the speech that I could deliver this time. Please forgive me if there is a mistake or offend someone in this speech. Thank you for the attention

Jumat, 26 Mei 2017


On wednesday may 10th, 2017
      I do the usual thing, on wednesdays i always busy whit the lab, where reports and journals last week should be collected and must be completed in place,very tiring. where journals and reports should be handwritten, before the practicum at 1 pm, in the morning we have to learn math first, inevitably all these things must be done though very tiring. practicum start at 13.00 wib and during practicum  we are not allowed to sit for 5 hours. after i finish my practicum at home and shower, rest, eat and finally fall asleep because i am so tired. 

On thursday may 11th,2017
      today is a waisak holiday, so i do not have to go to campus hehehe..... and i spend time with my boarding buddies, we are not going anywhere but we are only my kost watching the same, eating, that is the activity i am today.

On friday may 12th, 2017
      today is a holiday because the room is preparing for the exam SBMPTN. but we christian students keep religious lectures and come home at 10.00. after collage i went home to kost and to do my activities usually. yes... i have to work on my journal and reports until late at night.

On saturday, may 13, 2017
      today i am not in college, because there is no college schedule on saturdays and it is a holiday, so i spend my time working on jurnals, reports and playing guitar because i love playing guitar.

On sunday, may 14th, 2017
     on this day we have activities from HIMKI namely OT (organizion training) here we are taught how to be a good leader and we are also taught how to manage time between organisation and study well. in the afternoon i webt to worship after that i went home and did my duties afterwards i slept.

On monday, may 15, 2017
      today is a holiday because remembering SBMPTN exam will be held on tuesday, the room is completely sterilized. yahh.... as usual i to kost spend time busy myself until night.

On tuesday, may 16, 2017
     today i also did not go to campus because today's execution of exam SBMPTN. actually there are activities on campus, but because i am sick and i do not go, yahhh...... spend my own time again in kost until night.

On wednesday, may 17, 2017
      well.... as always, today i am always busy with the practicum and completing my journal and reports. but in the morning we have a math and very saturated lecture. at 1 o'clock we start practicum as usual stand up to finish and prohibited from sitting an very tiring. after practicum  i came home and showered, ate after the break because i was tired.

       friends, until here my story for the past week, happy reading and see you in my next post.

Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

My Future Business

My future business
Hello readers .....
I am back again in my next post .
Friends, for this post ,i want to tell yiu my future business plan.

For now, i have not thought about this business and i am still confused whit what business i am going to make in the future? Even if my business is succesful or not,but i try and will try to make my business successful, because if we do not try it then it will be useless.
Friends do not know what business i am going to make.we know there are a lot of big business out there, but i want to start from simple things that i want to make is a typical restaurant batak. Actually we have met a lot of typical batak restaurants, but i will make it different from others, i will make a place or a nice atmosphere ,food and prices that everyone can reach so everyone can taste it.
Friends got here my story first, may be useful .
Do first the littel things if you can not do great things. Thanks😊😊

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Hi... guyss
How are you?
Guys.. for this time i want to share some video.
Here the link the video

Guys i hope you can to wacth  with enjoy
May be useful

Minggu, 30 April 2017


Hello every body , how are you?
Definitely fine......😊😊
Meet again with me ...of course by providing  information for you all.All right, this here i will give you information about how to change table orientation in microsoft word.

Guys, if we want type the document with portrait orientation  and we want to add the table that enough wide so that the table should be changed rotation. want to know how to change that ?????  Guys.... there are two ways you can do it. You can see the following steps.

The first ways is change the page orientation to use section. The steps to chenge orientation on table  is :

1. Place the cursor where the table will be placed.

2. Choose the menu page layout and click break and then choose section breaks-next page.

3. Word will add the new page with different sections.

4. Click orientation and then choose the landscape.

5. The page orientation will change to landscape and portrait orientation. You can make the table in this page.

6. After table creation is complete, the next is restore orientation to the next page become portrait orientation. Place the cursor at the end of the table. Choose the menu page and click break and then choose section breaks-next page to make the new section.

7. On the new page click orientation and choose portrait to change orientation on the next page become portrait.

The second ways is change the orientation to use custom margins, the steps is as follows:

1. Choose the text (or table) that will the change orientation.

2. Click page layout and choose margins and then choose the custom margins.

3. Change the orientation being landscape and the part apply to become selected text to ensure that changes are only made to the selected text.

Guys , that is the steps to change table orientation in microsoft word. Hopefully useful for you who read it. See you in my next postπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹   Thank you for reading it...

Jumat, 14 April 2017

Halo friends ☺😊....
This moment i want to sharing about special ability or special skill.where, this here i interview some peopleb.That is Mr jasmen ,he is a bussinessman catfish.
      The corious about abusinessmen catfish????πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‹
   This here ,there were some questions i asked to him ,and i will just write it for you below.check it out!..

Din     :how long have you to become a                          businessmen's catfish?

Mr.jasmen  :to become a businessmen                                      catfish ,i have three year's.

Dina   :Whether you ever experience obstacle              in this businessmen,what is it?

Mrjasmen   :yes, i have obstacle.that is the                              high price of catfish consuption                          that fluktuatif(up and down).

Dina   :so,how you resolve the problem?

Mr.jasmen  :overcome that with away to                                estimate the time harvesting of                          catfish when the relatively high                          price.

Dina   :how your away to do it?

Mr.jasmen  :indeed how to do it quite                                     difficult especially for                                           beginners,but for businessmen                           that ecperienced that metter                               queit easy.the catfish usually                               harvested after approximately                           maintained at the level of                                     magnification for three                                         months.that for we must sell it                           when the price for catfish tends                         to rise.because demand will of                             watfish also rise.the example is                           when the month of                                                 fasting.spread the seeds on an                             enlargement of approximately                           three months before the month                           of fasting.

Dina   :so, what you are recommend for                       anyone who wants to start a business               catfish?

Mr.jasmen  :the first, read the book or article                        about the ins and outs of                                      catfish.second,do not be shy to                            frequently asked on cultivators                          that alredy experienced.third, do                        not be afraid to start a                                            business,because whitout the                              initial steps is not possible to                                achieve a goal.and then pray,                              because without prayer all                                  efforts will be futile and prayer                          without effort was a lie.

Umpteen e interview with one of businessmen and farmers catfish are quite experienced.Thank you😊😊☺☺

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

Hi friends meet again with me on tonight.
Friends,this nigt i will bit storytelling,how your live without education ?

In my opinion, if our live without education then our lives will continue just no knowledge that we can ,we don't have the insight and without education we can not writing,reading,math,and we not even recognize letters or numbers.

Education can transform our lives for the better,therefore let us keep the spirit and continue  to fight to change our lives for the better,with education we can future goals.therefore go for education and continue to pursue your dreams.
 Ok friends ,thank you i'll see you in my ne